Things weren't looking too good after game 3 of the 2004 ALCS, so we proposed a contest to Alicia Churchill's 5th graders at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School. Tell us your best Red Sox story and win a free shirt! Well, as you all know, things turned around and these contest winners didn't disappoint either! Thanks to all the kids who entered the contest! It was hard to choose, but here you go!

MCCPS 5th Grade Contest Winner #1

Don't Write About Baseball

Don't write about baseball, it's truly a big curse
Don't write about baseball, unless you're ready for a hearse
Don't write about baseball, cause if you do I'll surely scream
Don't write about baseball, even in your dreams
Don't write about baseball, don't write about it at all
There's only one exception, you can write about it in the fall!

- Peyton W.

MCCPS 5th Grade Contest Winner #2

Fans Who Go To Great Lengths Just To Be Seen On TV

They are insane, they are crazy
They are anything but lazy
With tattoos on their stomachs and paint on their face
They also have one untied shoelace
They will yell, they will scream
Fans will go to any lengths to be seen on screen

- Robbie L.

MCCPS 5th Grade Contest - Honorable Mention

Those Idiots

Bugged eyes, drooling mouth, clumsily reaching for the chips, eyes still glued to the screen

Jumps up, slaps the couch, yells, screams, "You idiot! You idiot! I told you! I told you! Didn't I tell him?"

"Yes, darling"

"God, I knew itwhoooooh, did you see that? Did you see that?"

"Yes, darling"

"God, I love this teamoooooh! You idiots."

- Allie W.

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