We had the amazing honor of being selected to do the cover and package design for the Daisuke Matsuzaka "Music from the Mound" CD! Here are the facts: Music from the Mound is a CD made for charity and that Daisuke (DiceK) is one cool guy. He was completely involved in this project and the songs are his choices. Do you see Dirty Water? Tessie? Sweet Caroline? Nope. Nada. None times. DiceK also personally approved our CD cover and booklet art which makes him officially our favorite Red Sox player with a CD. With all honesty, he took this project very seriously and the CD is a sincere gesture that should not go unappreciated. So show your support and buy it!

Now here's our top ten Behind the Music from the Mound moments:

Item 1: The Red Seat was hand picked by the Red Sox for this project. We got all Sally Field with a "you like us, you really like us" moment and then we woke up from our dreamy dream and had a ton of work and a huge project ahead of us. Yipes!

Item 2: Negotiating a contract with the Scott Boras Group is no biggie, people. We got the project! If we decide to have a third child, we only lost naming rights and s/he will have a no-trade clause.

Item 3: The design you see is one of six original concepts. This was the most Red Seat like but it was not the first choice. How's that for a teaser?

Item 4: The Gyroball track was recorded in Boston and we were there for Magic Dick's recording session. The technology that goes into making a song blows away anything you can even imagine. We also were present for Dr. Steinberg recording his guitar part and laying down a track that will not appear on this CD. You'll have to have to wait for the release of his CD to get that one.

Item 5: Gangsta rap is a world with it's own reality. Just sit tight and enjoy the music.

Item 6: Remember to delete Item 5.

Item 7: Having Jerry hold up your CD design on TV and getting a full screen shot of the cover on a NESN HD broadcast is pretty freaking cool (see photos). We missed the Jerry and Don recording session - that would have been fun.

Item 8: Seeing this on iTunes and Amazon is cool too but not as cool as Item 7.

Item 9: This project must be what it's like to make a movie. So many people working behind the scenes to put it all together. We're just a very small part of huge effort and we hope it pays off and is a huge success.

Item 10: When do get to do another one?

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