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The December Red Sox Story

Name: Lou Gorman

Subject: The Red Seat -- Holler from

Message: Go back to wherever in Connecticut you came from and find another way to spend your parents money...

Yes, we hail proudly from the Nutmeg state and spending our parents money is a truly great idea - if only we had thought of it first! (Side note: we actually have chatted with the real Lou Gorman a couple of times - he's the real deal when it comes to amazing Sox Story-telling)

The November Red Sox Story

Check out Chris on bass, sporting our "Revolicion" shirt in the new Buffalo Tom video, "You'll Never Catch Him"! Winner!!!

- Buffalo Tom, Boston, MA

The October Red Sox Story

After a long hard week, God poured himself a beer, fixed a bowl of chips, and settled into His easy chair. He had a tough week as the Almighty, and was looking forward to a good ball game to ease His mind.

With the Yankees up by a run, the Indians just could not seem to move a runner in scoring position across the plate. He started to ponder what He could do to help the Indians along. Earthquake? No, one had already disrupted the World Series in '89, and that only really works in California. Flood of biblical proportions? No, the Indians had already endured a late spring snowstorm that caused the postponement of several games. Drought and famine? No, that took too long to be effective. Fire? No, fire had become more the trademark of His adversary. Plague of locus? Insects, insects.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, a horde of gnats descended upon Jacob's Field and the neck of Joba Chamberlain. A walk, a wild pitch, a sacrifice, and a wild pitch ensued. When the swarm lifted, the Indians had tied the score and had a new life.

Even God hates the Yankees.

- Mike Piazzi, Sherburne, NY

The September Red Sox Story


- This clearly came in from a disgruntled fan of that team that's on the rapidly sinking ship. Who sucks now, my friend? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

The August Red Sox Story

My 8 year old started competitive baseball this past year. A faithful Red Sox fan already, he had never been to Fenway. I had been checking Red Sox replay hoping to find some not too expensive tickets for a game. One Friday night, with rain forcast for Saturday, Replay filled up with tickets. I was able to get seats just in fair territory, past Peskey Pole and three rows from the field.

Not only did he get to see his first game from seats better then I had ever had, he saw Dice K pitch and there was even a bit of Fenway magic, as a young man asked my son if it was his first game, on his way for a beer. On his return trip, he tossed a logo Red Sox baseball to my son and said, "Now you can tell everyone you caught a ball at Fenway Park".

That was in May and my son has not stopped talking about that day yet.

- Vince S

The July Red Sox Story #1

My wife and I now live in Connecticut - sort of a no-man's land of Sox/Yankees fandom. We had our second child in November 2006 and while in the OR for the c-section, our pediatrician, a huge Yankees fan, stopped in to see how things were going. He asked what we were planning to name the baby and the first thing that came to my mind was Papi - for girl or boy. My wife said that that was all well and good, but offered up "Theo if it's a boy and Thea if it's a girl."

Just to add to this - when my wife took our son (wearing a Sox shirt of course) to an appointment with said pedi, the little guy got all upset when the doctor came into the room. The doc, a really nice guy except for his loyalty to the Evil Empire, removed his Yankees watch and my son calmed down.

- Warren Toland

The July Red Sox Story #2

My brother Michael and I grew up in a central Connecticut town on the border of Red Sox Nation and the Dark Side. Mom and Dad made sure we grew up to be well-balanced, open-minded citizens and staunch Red Sox fans.

One balmy July morning, Dad, Michael, cousin Jim and I sat quietly reading the Sunday Hartford Courant. Whaddaya wanna do today, Jim?? Michael asked. Dad calmly looked up from the sports section. Could go to a ball game, he suggested. The boys whooped. Would you like that, Suz?? Dad added. Me?! Flabbergasted, I whooped. It would be my first ballgame.

New York is a lot closer than Boston, Uncle Bill, Jim entreated as we started our trip. Dad smiled and turned north. I knew magic was bound to happen that day. When Dad had taken Michael to his first game, it was at Shea Stadium on Father's Day, 1964, and Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game. I stayed home with chicken pox.

Magic is inadequate to describe the feeling of walking into Fenway for the first time. I still get that five-year-old-kid-at-Disney thrill, stepping out from under the stands into the sunlight, seeing the players warming up on the velvet green field.

On that July afternoon, a utility outfielder named John Kennedy made his Red Sox debut as a pinch hitter and hit an inside-the-park home run. The Sox beat the Indians 8-4. The next year, Dad and I watched Sonny Siebert hit two home runs in a game against Baltimore. The year after that, the designated hitter rule was born. Sorry, Sonny.

Before we married, I made a deal with my husband: I would be happy to spend our honeymoon helping him collect fish parasites for his research if we could see a game at Fenway first. We no longer collect parasites, but we just spent our 30th anniversary touring Fenway Park.

Today we have a parrot named Little Papi who sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", and I dream of taking a grandchild to his or her first game in Boston, naturally.

- Suzanne Uznanski

The June Red Sox Story

My husband and I, after a miscarriage and 3 years of trying, are FINALLY expecting our first child July 14th - smack dab in the middle of Sox Season 2007! We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but doesn't "Fenway" work for either? :) My only hope is that my room has a TV so I don't miss any games!!

UPDATE! Sophia Grace Nardullo was born on Sunday, June 3rd, at 1:39pm - 6 weeks early!!

- Ellen Nardullo, Wareham, MA

The May Red Sox Story

Duncan sports his "B is for Yakyu" while skiing in CO.

- Duncan, Cambridge, MA

The April Red Sox Story

As many of you know, we offer our services to the Red Sox Foundation. We donate the profits from some shirts and also provide them with pro bono creative services. We designed the invitation and program book cover for the 2007 Welcome Home Dinner and in return, we got our very own table at the dinner! All of the players were there, except for 2, and as they were announced, they walked down the center aisle with players from the 1967 Impossible Dream team.

Our photos are horrible from the evening, but we were able to capture some video of the procession. Be sure to stick through to the end. You'll see why we call this one, "The Bride"...

- Chris and Emily, Cambridge, MA

The March Red Sox Story

When driving into Boston for a game on a Saturday or Sunday, park in the city lot under the Boston Common. Weekend parking is way cheaper then down around Fenway. Get there early because weekend parking is $10 for the day and it's close to Chinatown (Dim Sum...yum). Then hop on the green line at Park Street and take it all the way to Fenway.

If it's a nice day, walk from the garage through the public garden and down the length of Newbury Street to Kenmore (20+ minutes). If it's not a nice day take a cab from the Four Seasons!

I'll like the Big in Japan shirt - thanks!

- Brad Griffin, Walpole, MA

The February Red Sox Story

No Red Sox Story winner this month, sorry folks. In lieu of a great story we present our Truck Day re-enactment video. In fact, if you have a home movie you would like to submit for the Red Sox Story contest - just do it and be a winner! All files need under 3MB. Good luck!

- Chris and Emily, Cambridge, MA

The January T-shirt Freebie Winner

My day at Fenway, August 1st, memorialized in poem:

"The Cheap Seats"

High above Fenway Park,
in the last row of bleachers,
Among all the fans
known as the Screechers,
were a family of four
with an eye on the score.
The Sox were behind.
Only one was to blame.
Wells was round and chubby,
and almost cost us the game.
Big Papi came to the rescue.
He saved us from a horrible fate
of losing first place
to the team we all hate.
Could he do it again
Like he had done before?
But this time was different-
it meant so much more.
Upon the last pitch,
everyone was on their feet
because no one could see
when down in their seat.
With one mighty swing
the ball cut the air.
When it cleared the wall
there was no more despair!
The Hero of Fenway
then rounded the bases,
with smiles displayed
on everyone's faces.

- Matt Piazzi, Sherburne, NY

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