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The December T-shirt Freebie Winner #1

This year I've seen an unworldly season of the best baseball a fan could ask for. I was driving home from my evening job when Mark Bellhorn hit into a double play with the bases loaded in Yankee Stadium. When I got home, I had just finished saying, "I hope they trade Bellhorn", when said player blooped a homer into the stands, then capped it all with a 2-run dinger off the foul pole that won the game. How delicious to be so wrong about somebody!

After they won the World Series, I was touched to hear Schilling and others give credit to Red Sox greats of the past. These guys have a strong sense of their place in history, yet they didn't let it burden them. They stayed focused on one game at a time, not looking ahead, and didn't let up until Keith Foulke ran towards first and tossed the final out to Doug Mientkiewicz's waiting glove. Only then did they allow themselves to erupt in mad, giddy joy and share it with fans back in Boston.

The morning after the momentous World Series win, I went to Fenway Park and joined a small crowd to greet the returning heroes. Fans held signs proclaiming "We love you, Red Sox", and "Our (late) grandparents and parents thank you."

I arrived in time to see Pedro on his way out in an SUV. He squeezed out of his window and stood up to wave at us, grinning widely. The crowd went wild, chanting "Ped-ro, Ped-ro!"

As I stood with the Fenway faithful, I had a chance to cheer for Gabe Kapler up close, as well as Curt Schilling. I didn't see Derek Lowe.

Freed of a nonexistent Curse dreamed up by sportswriters seeking a catchy explanation for all the strange quirks and near-misses since 1918, the Red Sox can settle into playing fine baseball that is just that - a pure game that is based on fine pitching, solid defense, a reliable bullpen, and big offensive power. No more supernatural garbage weighing them down.

Red Sox Nation, you've waited a lifetime for this moment. Rejoice, and savor it for all time.

- Siu Wai Stroshane, Brighton, MA

The December T-shirt Freebie Winner #2

I've attended 10 Red Sox games before this season and never saw a loss. This year, I attended a loss in Toronto. I knew something was about to change... Also, went to Cleveland and I farted at the Babe Ruth exhibit in hopes to break the curse.... IT WORKED!

- David Papaj, Jacksonville, FL.

December Honorable Mention

U2 rocks. thats all i can say. words cannot describe my great passion for their music.

- nvd

December Dis-Honorable Mention

How about you all fade away. The Yanks were inches away from sweeping your sorry 86 year old asses with Tony Clark's hit that turned into a ground rule double. And you know exactly what I am talking about because you are all thanking your lucky stars to this minute for that. Bring it on you [Beeeeeep]'s. Johnny Damon is a Bearded [Beeeeeep] who [Beeeeeep] off Manny.

- John D.

[Disclaimer: To all of you fans of that ridiculous New York franchise who frequent this site - you can do better than this, can't you? I mean, come on! Show a little creativity, at least. And do keep in mind, in the future we WILL post your email addresses. Just a little warning. Behold, the power of The Red Seat!]

The November T-shirt Freebie Winner

When I tell my great Sox story I'm always told that I was part of the curse. I was born during the 1986 World Series. Not just the 86 World Series but during game six while Buckner let the ball go through his legs. My dad actually had to find a tape and get the vcr going so that the game was taped so he could watch if they won. And while my mom was going into labor the doctor asked if it would be ok to put the game on so he could listen.

- Casey

November Honorable Mention

It starts with grapefruit (league that is) in February. Then opening day and the hope that it doesn't snow any more. Hoping to catch a game at Fenway with the family and trying to justify those crazy ticket prices! Otherwise watching the games on NESN with RemDawg and Don or listening on the radio to the late night West Coast games with Joe and Jerry. Cheering for Sox players in the Home Run Derby and All Star Game, hoping for home field advantage in October. Sweating out August. Nail biting in September. Sleep deprivation in October. And, now, Red Sox baseball withdrawal in November. I'm jones-ing for the Red Sox! They deserve a vacation but I can't wait til next season!

- Carla Fogg, Brattleboro, VT

The October T-shirt Freebie Winner #1

Last year while taking my kids trick or treating, I wore a ballet leotard, tutu, cleats and a NYY cap. I told my neighbors that I was dressed up as Derek Jeter.

- Mark B, Victoria, TX

The October T-shirt Freebie Winner #2

Well, for starters, I now live in the absolute worst place to be a Sox fan...yep, New York City. Everywhere I go I'm mocked and taunted when I wear my hat - though once in a while I get high-fived from a fellow tortured fan (you know who you are!).

I watch all the games at my Red Sox haunt, for all of us implants - where we can drink our Coors Light and yell "Jeter sucks!" in peace. Of course, when we get back outside people honk their horns and holler "Game 7!" at us. Speaking of which, when Aaron Boone hit that crushing home run, the guy who owned the bar turned off the TV! We all just stood there in dumb silence, though I still wore my hat in the street and bawled when I got home.

If that isn't enough, the guy I've dated for two years is a Yankee fan (which I knew) and is voting for Bush (which I didn't). If you can't give me a shirt, how about some anti-depressants!

- Valerie Stanford, Brooklyn, NY

October Honorable Mention #1

There are many Red Sox fans living here in Maine, but today I saw the best. I belong to a small Unity church and during our service, our usher was sporting a Sox jersey. He's a tall quiet man, who is in his 60's. Normally he is a suit and tie kind of guy, but even he couldn't contain his excitement. I felt so moved, I put a note in our prayer box for our beloved Red Sox. We Believe!

Thanks, Jane

- Jane Peterson, Portland, ME

October Honorable Mention #2

I'm a fan the kept the faith when we were 10 under and got engaged at Fenway August 29th!

- Dawn McInnis, Lowell, MA

October Dis-Honorable Mention

Bite me.

- Anonymous

The September T-shirt Freebie Winner #1

My name is Lori, and I have been a life-long fan for 40-something years. Born and raised in NY, it's not an easy thing! My Dad was from VT, and as a child, I would see him religiously listening to the games on AM radio with poor reception on our porch during the summer. I knew then that being a Sox fan was a priority in life. My family would vacation on the Cape in the summer, and my Dad would make sure the trip began or ended with a game at Fenway.

I was at an Elvis Costello concert in NYC during the ill-fated game against the Mets in 1986. As we were leaving the theatre, thousands of people were screaming and honking their car horns down Broadway; as a Sox fan, I knew then and there, something horrible had happened.

Last year, I was at the final game of the playoffs in the Bronx and watched Boone's homerun while the chant "1918" rang in my ears. I vowed then to never watch another game in that toilet for as long as I live.

Now I have two daughters who are Sox Fans, living in the Evil Empire, and having a father who is a Yankee fan (he has other redeeming qualities ;o)). They watch me follow the Sox game on the Internet, and know it must be a priority in life. My Dad lost his long struggle with cancer last summer; however, he died with a smile on his face because it was on a day where the Sox shelled Clemens and the Spankees. I thought last year was THE year, and am confident I will see it in my lifetime, and much sooner than later!


- Lori McElduff, Wappingers Falls, NY

The September T-shirt Freebie Winner #2

OK, I'll admit it, I wanna win a t-shirt. :-) I'm living in the outer limits of the Nation right now; Fairfax VA, soon to be over-run with Expos fans and frustrated Oriolites. But I was born and bred only 20 miles from Fenway, to a father who used to skip work to attend day games--and taught me the best trains to take into town from Melrose, in order to be At the Pahk for an actual game. I remember laying in bed as a small child, on summer evenings, listening to Ned Martin and hearing the crowd noise as a lulling backdrop of lullaby... I remember screaming with joy when the Tigers did their thing in 1967 because it meant our Impossible Dream had a better than average chance of coming true in my lifetime....

I don't have any specific Sox memories in terms of cool tales to tell, but I know this much. When my Dad was a young'un, he looked a LOT like our Splendid Splinter, Mister Ted... and when I was little (back in the late 50's) I sometimes mixed up whether Daddy was beside me on the couch listening to the game, or on the field smacking them out of the park. I went to church and prayed a novena for the return to health of Tony Conigliaro, my childhood hero--and I wept bitter tears more recently with the departure Cubs-wise of my beloved Nomah. SCREW the Curse! The Red Sox are the greatest team to ever play the Greatest Game, and there's nothing the Pinstripe Evil can do to change that. Buy a victory all you want, Yankee lads--the red, white and blue of Boston will always beat you for class, coolness, love, great fans, and a superb ball park. Sox Rule!

Thanks for letting me spout. :-)

- Rev. Sharon Henderson, Fairfax, VA

September Honorable Mention

Sitting here in PA. Surrounded by Yankee boneheads and Philly Dreamers, everyday listening to the comments, the how many championship rings...etc. Being a Sox fan for 35 years, one thing I have to say is WE WILL HAVE OUR DAY AND IT WILL NEVER END!!!!


- Peter Schott, Hazleton, PA

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