The Red Seat conducts occasional surveys to find out how we're doing and to get some general input from you. Here are some selections from those surveys:

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Did you know Giraffes can't swim?

The shirt designs are great and the customer service has been great as well! I look forward to some new designs!

Keep up the good work (I'm sure everyone writes that but seriously great shirts!)

Great site and designs keep up the GREAT WORK Lets go SOX!!!!!!!

I am from Northern California and I love the Red Sox. I love your site. I am currently bidding on the Evil Empire shirt on ebay. I hope I win so that I can represent how much I despise the Yankess and love the Red Sox. Thanks a lot. Keep up the great shirts.

You guys have been great... looking forward to the new site and new shirts!

I love these t-shirts so much that I'm researching having one melded to my skin at the DNA level.

Nothing but love Wore my Green Monster shirt on Thursday vs. the Padres (my 4yr old sons first game) and got tons of comments. Your shirts are unique original and wicked cool

You are doing a great job! Keep those original shirt ideas coming.

it is the slightly off-mainstream design that makes this product so cool as well as the understated commentary. look forward to getting my hands on a few of these.

God Loves You

Great t-shirts. Really clever artwork. Much more original then those Yankee 1918 shirts and hats. But no one ever said a Yankee fan was smart.

Love the shirts you've come up with so far! Great concept you have going on.

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Just to let you know how much I like your Red Seat design I'm paintin' my riding lawn mower seat red..I'll send you a picture wearing your shirt along with my own Red Seat!!..keep up the great work and GO SOX!!!

Thanks for doing this! So many of the shirts out there from others just suck.

Fun shirts cool designs. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what else you may have cooked up!

Sharing some love....... I thought you guys rocked before - but you have now hit heretofore unheard of levels of coolness.

They're all great - and have more character than any of the Red Sox shirts I've seen around!

Because it's about history and simplicity and love of the game. It's why I buy tickets to a game at Fenway every year and spend the money to travel all the way from California. It's why I wouldn't trade it away for the newest most fantastic stadium. My grandfather and his father sat in those seats and you can hear their voices (and the countless others) in every cheer at Fenway.

Because Stienbooger has got to be stopped!!!

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