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I'd like you to make me a B.L.T. please. Thank you.

I visit TRS every few days, primarily when watching my beloved Sox on Terry should have Coco shagging flies for the next few hours after botching what could have been a run saving catch...but I digress. You guys have the best RedSox website I have found. Keep up the good work and I'll be seeing you.

grrrreat stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this weekend, I'm in so much shock that I don't know how to answer this question so that you could benefit. I handed out black armbands at work to the Sox fans (there are many of us)

Great site! Go Sox! Defend the world against the evil empire.

I just like the fact that you seem like people that myself and my idiot friends would drink beers with and shoot the shit with when you'd walk into the bar I manage. We live for the sox and I proudly wear my "defender of the nation" tshirt alot when I go to work. Come to the Lucky Dog Tavern in Plymouth NH and the 1st round is on me. You guys rock!!! thanks, js barmanager of the lucky dog

I have always loved the Red Sox...and I think more teams should attempt to devote this much love into their home team. Keep up the good work guys and keep those awsome t-shirts comin!!!

I LOVE you guys and the innovation and humor you come up with. Unique and classy at the same time. Every Red Sox game I go to, I wear a RedSeat shirt. Nothing like them. And the quality of everything is 1st rate. I buuy stuff for me, my kids and my friends. I also have sent quite a few people to your site. Keep it coming baby!

I love the shirt designs. As a college student in a predominantly Jahnkee region, it's nice to be able to represent with something that's offbeat and stylish. You guys rock!

My Ortiz Big Bang shirt was the envy of others, unfortunately one greedy person stole it at a Red Sox charity event...I loved it so much, I plan to buy it again.

love the site, dont ever cats are great

I LOVE THE RED SEAT! I love the humor with which the site is maintained, the great photos, great merchandise, and reading all the stories the Sox fans put there! It is a very unique sports site. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

I love your company! I love the different T-Shirts (especially Captain Fenway) and the View from Boston (Red Sox Nation). I have that poster in my classroom and my fourth grade students love it. I also like the view from Brooklyn and the other articles. Please keep up the great work! Go Sox!

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