The Red Seat conducts occasional surveys to find out how we're doing and to get some general input from you. Here are some selections from those surveys:

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My Captain Fenway tshirt is just the best. Worthy and then some of Tek's image. Soft. Comfy. Smart. Just ridiculously great...The descriptions of your merchandise on the site are so damn enjoyable, as are the shirts. I love getting the email updates, too...interesting and smart. And I really loved getting the holiday postcard. Feels like we are all part of the nation. Oh! And I so support the product info and anti-sweatshop-ness of your merchandise. Way to go. I feel really good about spending money with y'all, and am happy to support the business.

Love your site -all I can say is MAKE MORE GOODS- I like the non-generic, and you are the place to shop for the "Fenway - fun". I get complements whenever I wear your shirts, so keep up with the creative! Thank you- Kim

no pink shirts, ever please.

Love it guys!! A very home style site. A good friend to catch up with!

Don't make pink shirts or hats. Pink is gross.

Keep up the good work. I get my news from Dirtdogs, but I get my shirts from Red Seat. You have the wit and the unique designs that I come back for. I can get a plain Sox shirt anywhere, but you guys have great shirts like Battling Evil, Captian Fenway, and We'll Always Have Last Year. Great store. Great site. Thanks. Z

You are the wittiest thing IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your creativity (the sayings are hilarious and so many have enjoyed the poster version of The Nation: A View From Boston when they visit my dorm room)! Also, the service and quality were excellent when I ordered!

I have to say, the contact we receive from The Red Seat, especially the postcards and such, really makes us feel like The Red Seat is more of a friend and fellow Sox fan than an online retailer. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making me smile!

I recommend the t-shirts and goods to everyone. I wore a blue "Evil" shirt to a game in Baltimore last year and the guy in the seat in back of me had on a black "Witching Hour" shirt. The Witching Hour...great shirt and an even better memory. We high-fived each other in honor of The Red Seat. And, the Sox beat the O's. Good luck.

I love your stuff! You offer such a cool spin on merchandise that in other stores is so bland and boring. Where yours has and shows the real Boston flavor to it and what is on our minds and really shows the personality of the fans and city. I would love to see more baby and kids stuff for all of the little Red Sox fans, got to teach them right and wrong from an early age ;o) Well done Red Seat!

...Your site rocks and your merchandise rocks. Keep it up! :) Oh, and if you can figure out a way to bypass the "virtual waiting room" for Sox tickets and share it with your loyal customers, that would be great too! :)

You're all very creative! You make gift giving for my brother & husband easy! Keep up the great work!

I don't get monthly emails from you folks, in case you truly send things out that often. If you do, I'd love to see more.

I love your's great, fun, friendly...I dig it!

You guys are my number one store now for Red Sox items. The price is great, the products are superb and you are quick, fun and easy to use. NO HASSLES! But the best part about your store is the uniqueness of the items. They are original. I bought tons of stuff for Christmas for myself and my son. I love the notecards, posters, t-shirts, bumper stickers, it's all good. Keep it going. You've won me!

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