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December 12, 2004

What a day! We thought we'd head down to Fenway Park this weekend to spread a little Red Seat cheer to those of you waiting in line to get some early tickets. We went on Sunday and missed the rush! So, we instantly switched into fan mode and tried to get some tickets ourselves. SCORE! (File this one away, folks - if we are feeling generous, we may be giving some away in a contest in the not so distant future...)

DOUBLE SCORE! The World Series Trophy was there! You could get your photo taken with it! Who Knew? So, we did. TRIPLE SCORE! Kevin Youkilis and Lenny Dinardo showed up! We chatted with them a little. Nice guys! Everyone was feeling particularly festive and it was a fantastic day all around! H even got to hang out with Wally and Santa at the .406 Club.

December 06, 2004

New stuff from The Red Seat! Non-wearables! "The Nation - A View From Boston" is the little 4x6 inch folded wonder that we think you'll like a whole bunch. A Red Sox greeting card! If it's popular, it may actually end up poster size. While it may not be a traditional holiday card, what better way to share the spirit than spreading the joy of "The Nation" with those you love? Especially friends and family in the New York metropolitan area that subscribe to the YES network! Tis the season, so share the joy!!

November 12, 2004

We had been in such a haze of joy and disbelief that we are only now realizing that we were actually at Game 4 of the ALCS on October 17th! Holy Crap!

And what a game it was. We saw Dave Roberts take off! We all knew he was going to get second. We saw it coming. It was amazing. Then at 1:23am, in the bottom of the 12th, Ortiz's home run flew right in front of us as if in slow motion, and drobbed just over the right field wall. We've never jumped as high or screamed as loud. A truly historic night, and we were there! Can you freakin' believe it? Here are the pictures to prove it.

November 05, 2004

Well, we've all had a little over a week or so to digest this oh, so glorious event and it feels real good...

Mosey on over to The Threads. We've got a few new shirts there and a few on the way. We've also been making some updates to the site, so linger a bit, poke around and you might stumble on some new stuff like this month's free shirt winners, trick or treating with Johnny Damon (well, sort of) and some photos of the Rolling Rally.

By the way, we thought you'd get a kick out of the photos below. Don't the banners look great? Oh, and the World Series sweatshirt was purchased on October 27th at Fenway. Not the we had anything to do with the win. I'm just saying. And you gotta love Halloween in Red Sox Nation...

October 27, 2004

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Well, the Sox chased the Cards out so fast we're just dizzy and daffy with delight. World Series Champs...what a strange and beautiful place this city of Boston. Guess winning is something we'll all just have to get used to - life is filled with difficult adjustments. Thank you 2004 Red Sox and hello new world.

Smile everybody, this is something we never thought we would see.

October 23, 2004

On Friday night, we heard through a reliable source that the Nike store on Newbury street was having a raffle for free World Series tickets on Saturday. Since we fully support the opportunity to win free stuff, especially World Series tickets, we piled in the car, and off we went. Sadly, no tickets came our way, but we did get to see and meet Carlton Fisk! Holy Moly! What a bonus! H got a little bored, but what are you gonna do?

Super duper nice guy. The MC lady (you can see her back in the pop-up photo below right) was pretty hard core about enforcing the "No photos and No autographs. EVER!" rule. But, we lingered a little, asked nicely, and now we have our very own Carlton Fisk autograph on our very own "Anticipation Nation" shirt!

October 04, 2004

We couldn't let a free pass to stroll into Fenway tonight go unexploited so we rolled in around 6pm for the big rally. A crowd of about 5,000 showed up for the festivities. Orsizzle and Remy started off the show and the crowd showed a strong appreciation for the Sox management, players and season at each opportunity.

The highlight of the evening was the compilation of the seasons top 10 moments. Muellers home run off a Rivera the defacto winner. Two tickets were also awarded to the ALDS, a girl sitting about 5 seats away from us got the prize. Hate her!

Personal highlight of the night was meeting Rich Gedman, Oil Can Boyd and Wally (see pictures with H) - in all a fun night out for The Red Seat team.

October 01, 2004

Loads, just loads of new stuff to share with you as The Red Seat celebrates the end of the regular season and a playoff berth. While regime change in the AL East in no longer a possibility, nearly 100 wins is more than respectable and the playoffs are a coming! Psst...we got a new shirt just for the playoffs, "Anticipation Nation" and it's on the threads. You can't miss this one cuz it's got some long sleeves to keep the chill off as we head deep into October. Yup, you heard right - DEEP INTO OCTOBER.

Some happy news, we have co-winners of this months "Win a Free Shirt" contest. We hope you agree that these are two great Sox stories - it wasn't a competition so we decided that we can send out as many prizes as we darn well please. Thank you for choosing The Red Seat to submit these stories and allowing us to share them with others.

One last announcement, the Battling Evil for the Good of the Game women's tee is now shipping - check it out, it's a real humdinger.

September 01, 2004

Is theredseat.com all that and a bag a chips or what? We are very pleased to have launched our new site and have you snooping around. What you're reading right now is the area of the site where we talk about all things "new"÷so take a load off and read on to get the latest scoop on all things Red Seated.

Newest of the new news is the new site (you like?) followed closely thereafter by the new shirt we call "Building Character." It's an original design (new), no black cloud (new), and the shirt is red (new). In fact, all of our new shirts are screen printed on American Apparel tees and are soft as butter at room temperature. The other new news about our shirts is rooted firmly in our desire to produce the best t-shirts ever. We have made improvements to the designs÷whoever said bigger is better was on to something big.

Over on the right, check out some of our more interesting "chatter" and some of the sites we frequent on a regular basis.

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