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December 1, 2005

Sometimes the news is big enough to make us want to do something crazy like issue a press release. Well, not that crazy but getting a bunch of Red Seat gear into the COOP is quite the coup for an outfit like us. For you out of staters, the COOP is a chain that supplies Harvard and MIT kids with books and tourists with all things Crimson and whatever colors MIT dons. FYI - Red Seat stuff should be available at Harvard Square next week!

We also plan to be out and around the park giving away some free stuff for the Christmas at Fenway event on December 10th. Look for us!

November 8, 2005

MLB has officially concluded programming with a World Series that was at best unspectacular. The Red Sox on the other hand have parted ways with their Thalbergesque wunderkind Theo Epstein in spectacular fashion - in fact, it was Theo that spurned the big club and reduced John Henry to tears. Yipes! That's not a good sign.

Okay, enough of that. The Red Seat has (thankfully) some happy new news. We've got a brand new greeting card for the holidays that we think should be a favorite for this short second season. The card is a variation of our "Nation" poster and card and we're pleased with how it turned out - we hope you like it as well. Don't forget to check back a little later this month as we plan to add a couple more goodies to the site. (For the curious here's a hint: this little number melds to the shape of your head.)

October 13, 2005

We got a nice write up in our local town newspaper today. It's always fun to see your name in print. Except, of course, when it refers to you as being a former Yankee fan. EGADS! I couldn't believe it when I read that! Have no fear, people - I was not, nor will I ever be a fan of that team. I nearly spit my coffee out when I read that! Other then that, it's pretty right on.

October 11, 2005

Well, a repeat wasn't in the cards this year. Our guys just ran out of gas at the end and I think we're all feeling a tad melancholy and nostalgic about the great season of '04. It is from this perspective that we present to you our latest offering we've entitled "Octover". We all need to mourn a little, but there will be a lot of excitement in the off season, so as soon as spring training begins, this shirt will be long gone. A collectors item!

October 5, 2005

Some happy news to announce with The Red Seat, we've overcome our shyness and have decided to venture out from behind our website. This means a second appearance for us on KISS 108's "Matty in the Morning" show, which led to an unanticipated appearance on WHDH 7 News with newsguy Phil Lipof. And fortune has shined once more on us with the Boston Globe making us their Shopping Tip of the Day. Not a bad little run, in fact it's been a real whirlwind and we couldn't be more grateful.

We may not have given an "official announcement" but we did alert the media (Matty and Phil on Channel 7) that we would have a giveaway pre-game down in Kenmore. You may have seen us - we were all dressed up in our Captain Hoodies and handing out Battling Evil shirts and bumper stickers. We were cleaned out in about 10 minutes so if you came down and missed us, we'll catch you next time. Here's a shot of the "giveaway gang".

The Red Seat also attended Rally Monday at Fenway Park. Worth the trip to lose on the playoff raffle and chow down on some Fenway Franks on a day with no game.

September 5, 2005

We're so horrified by what's happening along the gulf coast that we feel like we have to do something. It's hard to feel like we can make any kind of dent up here in Boston, but we're doing what we can and we hope you will do the same.

September 1, 2005

Happy Birthday to us! Our Online store turned 1 year old today and we just gotta celebrate! Since the first anniversary is paper, every order we get in September will get a free "Battling Evil" bumper sticker! Yippee!

August 26, 2005

We've got a couple new shirts to announce. Now shipping - Captain Fenway and Why Not Pigs? - Kids! And thanks to those of you who participated in our poll, we also have Captain Fenway, The Hoodie available for those chilly October nights...

August 14, 2005

What a grand day out! We hosted our First Annual The Red Seat/Portland Seadogs Happy Fun Bash at Hadlock Field in Portland, ME and it was a blast. We had so much fun, in fact, that it's going to be a yearly thing. Batten down the hatches, Portland, cuz we'll be back!

July 16, 2005

The "Hot Stove, Cool Music: The Fenway Park Sessions" was a great time! We were there, so check out the blog and our photos! You can't deny the impeccable style of Chris Colbourn and Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom!

July 15, 2005

We were on the radio! Yes, 'tis true. Matt Siegel of the "Matty in the Morning" show on Boston's KISS 108FM had us on for a chat. If you've got an extra 10 minutes or so, give it a listen! You can also read about our experience here.

July 01, 2005

Be sure to read today's piece in The Boston Globe, "Birth of a New Nation" by Stan Grossfeld. Our Red Sox Baby Boom section helped inspire it and many of the stories on our site are featured in the article (as well as a small reference to theredseat.com!).

June 29, 2005

Every time we go to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play, they win. And today was no exception. The bonus? We got to meet Larry Lucchino!

June 03, 2005

Holy Moly! As you probably know by now, The Red Seat had a HUGE stroke of luck on Friday June 3rd. We got to see Orlando Cabrera's first game back at Fenway AND we saw it from the best table on the Right Field Roof Deck. Thanks, Judy! And thanks for having friends in high places! You rock!

We Tivo'd the game and scoured the recording to see if we made it on tv. Low and Behold, if you blinked you missed us, but there we are directly over the retired #1!

April 21, 2005

We're a little late in posting this, but we had to tell you that last week, our favorite Red Seat operative, Laurie, went down to Barnes and Noble to get her very own copy of "Idiot: Beating 'The Curse' and Enjoying the Game of Life" and to have it signed by non other than H's favorite player, Johhny Damon himself. As you can see from the photos, she had her work cut out for her. Check out that line! Anyway, she emerged victorious and even gave him a couple Red Seat shirts for him and his wife. Laurie Rocks!

April 04, 2005

Finally, the spring training wheels are off and the Sox Express is at the station and about to set it's course for October. Whoa, that doesn't sound right. Where's that cautious optimism? That reserved stoicism? That puritanical New England dourness after a long winter? It's bye-bye. Simply put: winning is better, awesomer and way funnerer.

This new outlook has run so amuck that when we hunkered down this winter, we took our entire web site and kicked it up a serious skosh. Just take a look at the new Red Seat Blog, the new cameraphone blog, the potpourri of new items and the shiny newness on just about every Red Seat-er-ific page. All of the items in the Goods have been re-categorized so finding your favorites should be a little easier.

We're kicking off the season with a brand neuvo Sox Rojos tee. For Women ONLY! It's bilingual, so it's hot! We also put together for everyones pleasure, the Breakfast of Champions mug and the Battling Evil Bumpah Stickah. We may need to issue a Battling Evil candle to make the set complete, cuz evil lurks...

March 02, 2005

David Wells is Phat! Spring training down at Fort Myers is heating up, folks. Time to fire up the AM, listen to Joe and Jerry call an inning or two and voila - the illusion of summer is complete!

With a whole new season about to bloom, we're more excited than ever to bring out a shirt as green as that kentucky blue grass on that newly refurbished Fenway field. We call it "The Throw Down" and it's everyone's favorite manual scoreboard with an assist from the Red Seat. From July 24, 2004, it's games like this that make it easy to be green.

February 01, 2005

Have we got a new shirt for you! It's our new Spring Training shirt - a new take on an old fave and quite possibly the sunniest entry in our Sox menagerie. Hola, shirt la sunset orange grande! Don't it just radiate warmth? Huddle 'round and Pre-Order today. We should have them shipping by the time those meaningful meaningless games get under way at spring training.

Three great submissions have taken January's Sox Stories prize. Story number one gives us a first person front line account of her ongoing Battle with Evil, the second lets us recapture some October magic, and the last ends in a Nancy Kerrigan howl of pain and remorse. O u c h!

There's also lots of other new stuff on view this month, so mosey on over to Show and Tell and you'll find some photos of Red Seaters in their duds, some new shout-outs in "Respect!" and some other odds and ends. Did we mention the new letter from Larry? There's that and a bonus Christmas card from Lou Gorman all wrapped inside "Chatter".

Much more is on the way and will be ready by opening day, just a mere two months away. Until then, check out the updates, the new shirt and this classic R-rated strip on The Soxaholix. Slappy still doesn't get it, and likely never will. Poor Mr. McBlueLips, Show Pony extraordinaire...

January 04, 2005

After many, many requests, we at The Red Seat bring you "The Nation"! This time it's biggie sized to poster proportions - albeit a little late for Santa and/or the Festival of Lights. Baby's all growed up to 18" x 24"! So take down that signed El Guapo head shot and slap this on your wall! You won't regret it. In other news, we're also having a special Hot Stove sale in "The Threads", so now is a good time to do a little post holiday bargain shopping.

Also, 'tiz the season to announce our December contest winners and if this were reality tv, the results would be "shocking"! The Red Seat handed out our second dishonorable mention - this yankee fan gets only our pity (and contempt for some poorly utilized cuss words). There are also some great literary works from our favorite 5th graders in our Sox Stories and more new stuff for those willing to root around a little. And soon we will post a brand new Larry letter and a Christmas card from Lou Gorman.

Don't forget to send us your favorite holiday photos in your Red Seat shirts! We'll post them on the "Show and Tell" section for all to admire.

Anyone know when pitchers and catchers report to spring training? Counting the days, counting the days...

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