Born: Summer after the "Summer of Love"
Birthplace: The Nutmeg State
Bats: Both
Throws: Both
Nickname: "Player to be Named Later Hater"
Poorly Kept Secret: "Red Seat Male Model"

A crafty veteran with good speed and strong but wildly inaccurate arms. Formerly a New York team devotee, this "switcher" completed his conversion after 18 continuous years of exposure to Red Sox fanaticism. The charade finally collapsed with the purchase of a simple cap emblazoned with the letter "B".

My brother Pete gave this to me. It was a gradual slide into stage 3 Sox Fandomitis, and when the end of the season rolled around the condition only worsened. Obvious symptoms included physical exhaustion and emotional fatigue. Then the Red Sox made the playoffs and games could no longer be "watched" - the goal was survival. Thankfully, the Angels bowed out quickly in 2004 and we all know what happened next. I got my medicine. My sweet, sweet medicine.

The Red Seat needed help. They're "creative types" that do things organically and really just never get things done. I fixed that in short order and now they are on the road to a rewarding SOP and ROI with all the FUN they had before.

P.S. I'm the biggest fan of the bunch and it's not even close!

All that needs to be said to you can be done with a limerick and haiku...

I am the torso prone to costumed fits.
To find me at Fenway you must bring your wits.
But it's really no suprise
that i am easy to recognize
by my tshirt, tattoo and tits!

Sweaty lukewarm beers
ingested, now digested,
Papi's up, panic!

If The Red Seat had titles, mine would be CEC, Chief Executive of Cuteness. It started as mere infatuation. I remember the day clearly when I put my first Red Seat shirt on. It was Spanglish. I looked in the mirror and thought "Damn, this looks cute on me!" And it did. Then it became more of an addiction. Captain Fenway, Battling Evil, Sweet Caroline, Building Character, Lady Monstah, Boston Head Sox and Big in Japan. I had to have each and every one.

At some point, I thought that instead of begging, borrowing and stealing to feed my addiction, I'd offer my services and be somewhat of a "Jack (Jill?) of all trades" for The Red Seat. Some data entry here, some guerilla marketing there, some booze, some coffee, and some steadfast Red Sox fans - a union of cuteness was born that words cannot describe. I want to scream from the mountain top "This is my Sox shirt! It's Red AND It's AWESOME!" It is my duty to inform each and every woman, mother and friend that they too can look THIS damn cute. For reals.

Status: The technical know-how behind this operation
Ambitions: To improve my skills on electric tamborine and tenor slide kazoo and assert their rightful places as America's instruments!
Turn-ons: Fenway Park
Turn-offs: Jeter Cologne

I'm a numbers guy. Retired numbers. Magic numbers. OBP. You name it.  When I was in little league, I wore the number 2 because fellow second baseman Jerry Remy did too. Now I'm a numbers guy for the Red Seat. Specifically, the numbers that come out of those Red Seat surveys that you fill out. You do fill out those surveys, right?

Hello, The Red Seat sales gal extraordinaire here and this is my Sox story. Living outside Kenmore in the flickering shadow of Fenway - it was just a matter of time until they got me. Call it osmosis or Red Soxification - it's taken hold and now look at me, shilling stuff for these guys. Jeez, just look at them - sometimes I just sit and ask myself what I am doing and then the game starts and it all makes sense.

Email me if you've got a store and want to stock your shelves with the ridiculously awesome line of Red Seat products.

You want to know me because I'm actually your favorite person in the whole world - I give out free Red Seat stuff around the ballpark. I'm usually out with my friend Jess (read below) - we're ADORABLE and you love us.

Hi! I'm the other half of the incredibly adorable duo. Let me reiterate that we give out the free Red Seat stuff and actually I'm your favorite person in the whole wide world. Again, so adorable are we that love is not too strong a word for how we make you feel.

Media inquiries? Any inquiries? Send us an email, we're really friendly.

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