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Crazy Chuck...workin' it for The Red Seat...kinda. The Mitchell kids with Kris Kringle.
Andrea Gillis rocking the Plough and Stars. Traci and the original Bull Pen cart!
Rockport Country Club! Represent! Lindsey and Sophie.
Nicholas! Thumbs up to the WS win!!!
Duncan fights the power! Janet walks.
Mike in FLA. The Stanley Cup!
God hates us. God hearts us.
Gram at 90 Mark in China.
Mike and Miles, hanging out. The real Futures at Fenway.
It's not permanent. Representin' in Chicago.
Ren doing his thing. Calvin!!!
Steve and Sarah honeymooning. They go way back.
Nicholas at 3 months. Joe on a tour of the park.
In France!! Matt, Mike and Nate at THE Red Seat!
Mike's view from the EMC Club. MIKE!
Carlos watching the PawSox in Syracuse. Battling Evil on the 4th of July.
Marblehead, MA 4th of July Parade Matthew at the Life is Good Festival at Fenway.
Keith! Andy in SD.
The Hilary Brothers in SD. Richard in SD.
The bleachers were HAWT! H took this one.
Mike and Luis! A special birthday.
Attack! Mike makes friends.
Raegan and Noa. Noa's first game!
Another at the Mother's Day Miracle! Kelly gets her beats on.
At the Mother's Day Miracle game! Jess and Orli
Hailey! Hugh and the boys at the stadium!
Hayley at Government Center. Spring Training.
Duncan in CO. Diana in CO.
Game 2 in KC. Vacation in Mexico!
In outer space. Really. Moose, Melissa and Kim visit The Red Seat! 4/21/07
Jack at THE seat! A Rockland Peach on the right!
Egypt! Will and Max!
SPENCER!!!! Fort Myers! Spring Training 2007!
Jen, relaxing. Jen, with provisions.
Kelly spies Hansen and Tavarez. Selma!
Never to early! Dean's from Nebraska!
Diehard fans. Build-A-Bear at Fenway?
Alec C in Chicago. Trot at 8 months.
Eric, wearing his colors. Ever hopeful...

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