Here are some great Sox Stories that are more than deserving of a free Red Seat original t-shirt. Thanks for your submissions. Keep 'em coming!

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The December T-shirt Freebie Winner

Born and raised outside of Boston, how could you not be a Red Sox fan? Growing up going to games that were sold out even though they could never win the world series. A Red Sox fan is NOT a fair weather fan. We stand by our team, in good times as well as bad. Since "growing up" I have moved to four diffrent major league cities. I have visited many major league parks. I now reside in Atlanta... You ask if I am a Braves fan? I invite you to my basement, a Red Sox Shrine. From the wall size photo of a 2004 world series game at Fenway, to a 7 month old puppy named Fenway, along with a Red Sox Kegerator tap, Red sox blankets and banners, photos, a wall clock, flags and much more! And of course Fenway (the Dog) wears a Red Sox collar!

The November T-shirt Freebie Winner

Take a pedicab to Fenway. It's friggen great. Have beers first.

- Dan Kerrigan, New York, NY

The November Honorable Mention

I am a bbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggg fan. Last time I went to a game I was cheering like crazy! It was a good game. And I got a foul ball! It was the best game a lot. I was a fan since I first knew them.

- Thomas Miller, Waltham, MA Age 9

The October T-shirt Freebie Winner

I am a true fan. Last year was the greatest year that one could want. I have been a fan since 1965, as a young boy till now at the age of 49. I was in Iraq surrounded by Yankee fans in 2003, I was proud to serve my country but even prouder wearing my Trot Nixon shirt in Bilad, Iraq. I came home injured and still was proud when we lost. This year had some great times but I did not feel the togetherness of 2004. All we can hope for now is rebuilding with good players, faith, hope, and You know, There is no other way to go but by being A True Loving Fan. Go Sox, Thanks for a good year, get some rest and then lets get going.

- Russ G. Hoermann, Barre, VT

The September T-shirt Freebie Winner

We've been fortunate to make it to Fenway 3 times this year. Twice on the same tickets. We brought our grandaughters to Boston for their first trip. The oldest and I did the Freedom Trail on a day when it was like a sauna. She wouldn't give up (God, is there anything worse than walking back over that bridge).

The next day, we took the walk to Fenway...early. I wanted them to take in and soak up the atmosphere before we entered. They were spellbound. They love to wear their Sox shirts and hats honor of grandpa really- even though they get a huge razzing, from teachers and students at school.(central NY)The youngest (they are 8 & 10) said to grandma at one point while hanging out on Yawkey Way "It's nice to fit in..I've only seen 2 yankee hats". Now, I know this is winded and anything I've had to say on this board is bullcrap to most of you, but this day ranks for me. I will recall it forever.

I made sure we entered on the right field side of home plate-so they could see the green. It\'s like entering Oz for those who have never done it. We made our way to the bleachers from there. Jillian, the youngest has a thing for details. She remembers reading a newspaper article I have saved that was published when Ted died. She can tell (and does) anyone, his lifetime batting ave., .406 (and why he was cheated out of MVP that year), war hero, HR in last ab etc. She had a special interest in "the red seat". I took many pics of them in and around to "the red seat". Then it rained. My worst fear. We were soaked, but refreshed at the cooler temp. By the third rain delay, I decided it was time to get back to the hotel, get them dry and some real food. While I'm telling grama this across the two girls, I see grama\'s smiling face turn to concern, and say to Libby "Its OK, we'll come back sometime and see a whole game". Libby turned to me, tears running down her cheeks and said "pa, I waited all summer for this, please-can we stay". She wouldn't give up. She and I stayed. I waited my whole life for this.

Play ball.

- Bill Dwyer, Seneca Castle, NY

The August T-shirt Freebie Winner #1

So last year, during the playoffs, I was in the L Street Bar with my boyfriend and everyone was just freaking out about the game...We were all laughing about how cool it would be if the Red Sox won the World Series, and me trying not to jinx them - I said something like "Its not over yet!". My boyfriend started playfully arguing that they were the best team, they should win, and he has a feeling, blah blah blah. And I said "If the red sox win the World Series, I'll marry your sorry ass!!!" We're getting married August 27th, on Martha's Vineyard. He who laughs last, laughs the longest!

- Claire Duffy, South Boston, MA

Update from Claire: We got married on August 27th, in Martha's Vineyard right on the ocean.....My brother was solemized to do the ceremony, and he even added a little Red Sox into our vows. He asked me if I would take Tom be my lawfully wedded husband, through sickness and health, good times and bad, and whether the Red Sox ever win another world series! How appropriate!

The August T-shirt Freebie Winner #2

I am a lifelong Red Sox fan, grew up in Boston, even worked at The Fenway Park Ticket Office for 6 years.. Now, I live in Greenville South Carolina, Home of the Greenville Bombers, an affiliate of the World Champion Boston Red Sox! On April 18th on the way home from work about 5pm the radio announcer said "There is a Bombers game tonite, and if you go to the game, you can see the Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy" (!!).. If I was not driving, I would have fallen down!

The stadium is only a few miles from my house, so I banged an immediate u-turn and raced over there.. I told the man at the gate I just heard the trophy was here and I need to see it.. He said they just put it away and I would have to go to the game now to see it.. The gates would open in one hour...

I went home and changed into my world series t-shirt and Red Sox cap and paced the floor for about 40 minutes.. I was so excited I could hardly breathe! At 6:45pm I took off for the stadium.. I paid $2 for parking and told the attendant: "I am only here to see the trophy!".. I paid $4 for a general admission ticket and told the agent: "I am only here to see the trophy!".. I told the customer service people, the concession workers, ticket takers, I was even introduced to the General Manager of the stadium: "I am only here to see the trophy!"..

At 7:00pm my dream came true as a representative of the World Champion Boston Red Sox brought out the trophy and threw out the first pitch, then walked up the aisle straight towards me.. I had the photo below taken and raced home to download it.. It is my desktop wallpaper at home and at work and I have a framed print in my living room.. So, for a grand total of $6 I got to see the Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy, hold it and have my photo taken with it..


- David Paige, Greenville, SC

The July T-shirt Freebie Winner


10) I bleed Red Sox red (ok, so we ALL do!)

9) I have pictures of my twin girls on the Fenway infield grass and Sox dugout.

8) As a teenager living in NY, I attended a Sox/Y's game with a dozen of my close friends (all "Y" fans) in the Bronx & put my life on the line to root (out loud) for my Red Sox. (The Sox lost so all they did was laugh at me!)

7) My children are not permitted to say the name of the team from the Bronx in our home so they refer to them as the "Y's"...(see #8)

6) As a former police officer, I once had to respond to a domestic distrubance at Carlton Fisk's house! (a rental being lived in by a couple who liked to drink a bit much...and are completely unrelated to Pudge)

5) I almost lost my job for refusing to remove my Red Sox plate from the front of my service truck. (Sore Losers! But it is their truck.)

4) I recently gave a game used ball to a Wilmington Blue Rocks player and asked him to bring it into the locker room for signing. I then stood outside the locker room door (getting many strange looks) until he came back out 10 minutes later with my ball...covered with Blue Rocks autographs! (The Blue Rocks are a class A affiliate of the Red Sox...does that even count for anything?!)

3) My boyhood hero was Carl Yastrezemski! (That HAS to count for something!) (Heck, just spelling his name correctly has got to count for SOMETHING!)

(Editor's note: Umm, actually "Yastrzemski" is the correct spelling, but whatever...)

2) I own a couple of small chunks of the Green Monster that I personally...I mean a "friend" of mine, chipped off! (Please don't tell Boston PD!)

1) I bleed Red Sox red.....still! And no matter where I live, how long it's been since a Fenway visit or how many years until the next championship...I will always bleed Red Sox red! (And I generously donate it to the Red Cross too!)

Thanks for your consideration!

- Jon Nottonson, Dover, NC

The June T-shirt Freebie Winner

October 16, 1999 Pedro vs. Clemens. I had been waiting all week for the playoff showdown between my beloved Pedro and that whiny, selfish loser. A beautiful autumn day, and I'm all set to watch the Yanks go down in flames.

There's just one little problem...

I'm nine months pregnant and hooked up to a pitocin IV to induce my stubborn infant to make her appearance. If you've ever been induced or have been around someone going through it, it ain't pretty. In between contractions, I'm watching the game. My loudest scream was not in pain, but triumph when Pedro struck out the side (forgive me, I don't remember which inning it was).

No matter what Pedro Martinez does for the rest of his life, I'll always be thankful to him for pitching a gem that day. And yes, my daughter Rosanna was born healthy later that night. She's now five years old and a member of Kid Nation for the last two years. Rob Arra made a panoramic print of that game, and it hangs in her room, along with her Pedro Martinez Beanie Baby. And, of course, her World Series Championship pennant.

She thinks Queen's song "We Are the Champions" was written about the Red Sox. And I hope she never stops believing that.

- Tina Nicodemus, Chicopee, MA

The May T-shirt Freebie Winner #1

What kind of fan am I? Persistant - as all Sox fans are.

I was born in upstate NY, but inherited my love for the Sox from my Boston-born mother. I have never been a fan of any other team (certainly not THE other team!) My car sports Sox license plate holders around a NY plate, a "Save Fenway Park" bumper sticker and a batting helmet in the back window. So far no NY fan has tried to run me off the road - yet.

I have an extensive collection of Sox hats in red, white or blue (they are America's team!). My apartment has a wall full of Fenway photos (I was proud to add one of the 2004 World Series team). Being from NY, I have faced my share of taunting from the "Skankies" fans I've worked with, but that never stopped me from wearing my Sox gear and having faith.

Ironically, I have fallen in love with a Yankee-lover. Being a good Sox fan, I look upon this as a chance to convert him to one of the faithful (it hasn't worked so far, but I AM persistant - at least his fantasy league team has several Sox on the roster this year).

We are planning a baseball-themed wedding for next spring (after spring training, before the rivalry really heats up). We'll have invitations modeled after tickets; tables named after Sox & Yankee players; peanuts, hot dogs & soft pretzels for appetizers; Cracker Jacks as favors (everyone gets a prize). The TV in the bar (where we are requesting beer be served in big plastic stadium cups) will certainly be tuned to a game. There will be a rousing rendition of "Take me out to the ballgame" before the final dance of the night, and the guests will be asked to bring their favorite cap for a group photo. (I'm still deciding which hat will look best with my dress - as you can see, I am not your typical bride.)

My family thinks I'm crazy...but aren't all true Sox fans a little nuts? It's part of our charm.

- MaryEllen Carlile, Philadelphia, PA

The May T-shirt Freebie Winner #2

After going to Fenway for over 30 years, I finally broke (my own personal) curse and made in on during a telecast...not once but twice. The first time I sat in the bleachers behind the "fan of the game"...a "teenager" who's claim to fame was that she was skipping her Prom to be at the game...but how many tentysomethings do you know that attend a midweek high School prom? Sounds like a scam to me.

Second game was three rows behing a lot of face time on the tube. The only drawback was realizing this was exposing my penchant for having a few adult beverages during the course of the game to all of my family and friends. Should have been no surprise to anyone though. Oh...and I got to throw out the first pitch at a Portland Sea Dogs game. Outside corner strike.

- Pete Wildes, South Portland, ME

The May Honorable Mention

I am a storyteller, and since 1999 I have been performing a story I wrote titled "Buying Back the Babe". In it, the Nation destroys the Empire by buying back Babe Ruth's contract from a disgruntled George Steinbrenner after the Sox beat the Yanks in the ALCS. Then the Sox go on to win the World Series in dramatic fashion. (How else?)

Every year I'd make slight adjustments to the story and hit the road with it again. That's the upside of rooting for the perennial Heartbreak Kids: material for life. Last July I was asked if I would perform this story at a "Scary Stories" concert on October 16, the rationale being that the Red Sox in October are scary beyond anything Stephen King ever made up. Upon checking the schedule, I realized that this fell halfway through the ALCS. Even if the Sox won a playoff spot, still being alive on Oct. 16 would be iffy. I started working on an actual ghost story just in case. As the concert date approached, I couldn't bring myself to work on the ghost story. It made me feel traitorous. Once the Sox beat Anaheim, I was in the clear.

I don't have to tell anyone how the first 2 games with NY went. If the Yankees won on the 15th, the Sox would be 3 games down and I'd be telling my story just hours before Game 4. Scary? Indeed, as Joe Castiglione would say. The game on the 15th was rained out. And so I performed "Buying Back the Babe" with the Sox down 2-0 at 4pm on Oct. 16. At the story's climax, the Wave to End All Waves encircles Fenway Park with such energy that the roar of the 35,000 voices calling out "BAAAAaaabbbe!" pierces the heavens, causing the sky to clear and "The full moon hung over the park like a brand-new baseball on Opening Day." I kid you not. (I had added that line back in April, and I hadn't consulted the Farmers' Almanac either.)

You know the rest. The Empire crumbled, the fans kept cheering, and on October 27, the full moon hung over the park like...a baseball smeared with the blood of a heroic starting pitcher, a scene even more dramatic than the one I had envisioned. Now, I'm not claiming resposibility for the Sox' victory, and I don't expect a World Series ring, but wouldn't a t-shirt be nice? Indeed!

- Joanne Piazzi, Rochester, NH

The April T-shirt Freebie Winner

Last year to show my Sox pride, I placed a blue hat with a crimson "B" on the dash board of my truck. For the most part, it stayed put. When I took a real aggressive turn, it would move some and occasionally fall off, but mostly it stayed right there on the dash.

Suddenly, during the Yankee/Sox playoffs, the hat would not stay put. Even small turns would make the hat slide down the dash and usually end up on the floor. The day of game three, the hat slid so far down the dash that when it fell off it lodged between the pasenger seat and the door. I couldn't reach it while driving, so I had to let it be, and then I forgot it when I got out. When getting in the truck before game four, I happened to see it. My first impulse was to leave the damn thing where it was, and then I affirmed my faith in the Sox and that the hat was going to be displayed win or lose. Unfortunately, it looked mostly like lose.

Well, I don't want to give the impression that the Sox did well because of the hat. I feel the hat was more of a barometer of sorts for the Sox's fate. Because that day on, the hat never moved. It didn't matter how I drove. I had thrown the hat somewhat cock-eyed on the dash, and that is the way it stayed for the next eight games!

By the end of the season, that hat was pretty faded and was not a proper display of Sox pride, so there is a new hat on the dash now. This one reads "World Champions 2004". For those of you curious, it hasn't falled off yet.

- Mike Piazzi, Sherburne, NY

The April Honorable Mention #1

This is a quiz so pay close attention.

Three elderly ladies are excited about attending their first Red Sox game. They smuggle a bottle of Jack Daniel's into the ball park. The game is real exciting and they are enjoying themselves immensely mixing the Jack Daniel's with soft drinks. Eventually, one of them passes out. Soon they realize that the bottle is almost gone and the game has a lot of innings to go.

Q: Based on the given information, what inning is it and how many players are on base?

A: It's the bottom of the fifth, one out, and the bags are loaded!

- Sully, San Francisco, CA

The April Honorable Mention #2

Alright, here's a story. The night the Sox won the ALCS we went out and had a good time (obviously, right!)... anyway, we got back to my girlfriend's apartment and we were walking to the door when we heard a noise, a sort of "mewing" sound. I looked around but did not see anything, until a flash of black ran past my feet. Turning, I saw a small black kitten, obviously a stray, but very charming. I picked him up and took him inside. We weren't sure if we were going to keep him, but I decided it was a sign from above and that if I gave the black cat away then the Sox would lose the Series. So, upon deciding to keep him we had to come up with a name. First it was Boston, and then one of my friends suggested Buckner (funny, but no...) FINALLY, we chose to call him Fenway. That's my short little Sox story. The black cat crossed my path and the Sox won the World Series.

- Chris Spehert, Milwaukee, WI

The March T-shirt Freebie Winner

Oh boy....My family moved to North Jersey when I was starting 9th grade in 1977 which means I was here during the 1978 season....Right smack dab in the middle of Yankee territory...I grew up on the north shore in Topsfield MA, (391 Old Boston Road (RT 1), about 3 mi from the Topsfield Fair Grounds). I have been a faithful and loyal Red Sox fan since birth and living in NJ has been difficult to say the least. I've had to endure years of "The Curse" and "Pedro can't beat us" along with countless tales of the choke artist of all sports. Yet despite all of the Yankee fan taunts, I have always worn all of my Red Sox gear with full pride. Oh sure it has caused many an ugly disagreement, but afterall, being a Sawx fan is an honor, and one that is defended at the highest levels.

The real story though has been this past year. Even when the Red Sox were down 3 games to the Stankees, I still wore my Red Sox hat to The Gym with pride. Needless to say, I was met almost immediately with the usual taunts. Yet I still remained confident and all I said was...there are still more games to be played....and games there were.....8 more to be exact!!!

The day the Sawx won it all, I wore my red jersey with pride and still had to listen to taunts of "band wagoner".....I could only shake my head at their ignorance for they know not what they say.....I was born into Red Sox Nation...and no matter the address of my will always reside right smack dab in the middle of Red Sox Nation until I take my last breath.....Go Sawx!!!!!! and...thank you JD for smacking that gran Salami at Yankee stadium to shut all dem bronx bums up!!!

- Scott Reindel, Westwood, NJ

The March Honorable Mention

Last year I told my girlfriend I'd put the ring on her finger if the sox win the world series. The sox owe me $4500 and you owe me a t-shirt. Weddings in March 06.

- Dave

The February T-shirt Freebie Winner #1

As life long members of RSN, when my wife and I moved to the San Francisco area five years ago, we quickly found solace with local members of RSN - west coast chapter. One of these members quickly became a good friend - she also happens to be a former Needham High cheerleader.

When the Sox came to play the Giants last summer we got about 20 seats in a block together for the Friday night game and to cheer on the old towne team. Our Needham High grad was the obvious leader. Like many cheerleaders from my past - our friend also has a propensity to consume Coors Light and vodka. As the game got to the late innings and the Sox lead increased - so did Erin's voice and frequency of cheers - much to the dismay, horror, and anger of the so-called die hard Giants fans - quite the oxymoron.

Her cheering continued well after the game. As she took up position right in front of the Willie Mays statue heads began to turn and small children were wisked away or had their eyes covered. Erin went to an oldie but goodie. The drunkeness was setting in and spelling was about all she was good for.

She started: B - O - S...then it hit. A guy walking by decided to huck a loogie in her direction. The *beep* was something Jenna Jameson would be proud of. While this may have thrown off a rookie cheerleader - our friend was hardly distracted. With the dribble running down her face - she loudly and proudly finished the chant... T - O - N!!!!

The rest of the weekend sent us into a state of depression but Erin's strength and resolve has placed her up there with Schill's red sock.

- Jeremy Little, San Rafael, CA

The February T-shirt Freebie Winner #2

I live 3 miles from Legends Field, the Yankee Spring Training facility and the office compound. It's complete with billboards trumpeting all the years of AL Championships and WS titles, Yankee logos everywhere. Have to drive by every day on the way to work and home.

One foggy, rainy Sunday morning a few months after the 2003 ALCS, when news of the A-Rod trade broke, I was on the way to get coffee at around 7:45 am and noticed, as I'm lifting my single finger salute toward the Yankee compound, that there's a remote feed TV truck and a nattily dressed white haired gentleman on the corner.

Realizing it's Peter Gammons, I u-turn back to the house, run into the bedroom babbling to my semi-conscious wife, "Gammons is down the street!", grab a camera and head back to the dreaded Yankee soil.

Walking across the street toward Mr. Gammons, I'm wearing a Red Sox windbreaker and hat. Busy on the cell phone, he spots me, draws the cell away from his face and says, "Tough day to be a Sox fan."

He's on so many cell calls that morning that my simple plan to share a brief handshake and dorkily request a photo is taking longer than anticipated. But shortly, he stows the phone and just starts making conversation. I congratulate him on getting Paul Westerberg on the "Hot Stove" cd.

He asks me what I think of Sox' chances, I say, pessimistically, as usual, "This is the year everybody gets hurt." (I'm only sort of right.)

I keep trying to make the move to split, but Mr. Gammons is just graciously chatting away. Finally, as Yankee autograph hounds start piling up at the office gates, a woman runs up to Gammons and says, "Are you on tv or something? Should I know you?" The cameraman says, without hesitation, "Weather Channel."

Finally, I sheepishly proffer the camera in Mr. Gammons' direction and ask if it's okay to get a picture. The saintly cameraman steps forward and tells me to get in the picture. So there it is, Peter Gammons and me standing side by side in front of Yankeeland the morning the Red Sox and their fans took a deep breath and wondered what all of this A-Rod business would mean.

We've got our answer now.

- Josh Barnes, Tampa, FL

The February Honorable Mention

Just read your most recent Sox stories for January, from Suzie in PA... I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of "Sox Babies" coming in to the world around July time. My fiancee (an Irish girl, more than up for being converted from supporting... well, no baseball team to supporting the Sox) and I are expecting our first child in July of 2005... similar story to Suzie's... must have been all that World Series excitement.

Forget all those kids born 9 months after the blizzard of '78, we've got a new generation with a new story.

I just have to figure out how to slip the name Pedro Curt Johnny Trot Papi Manny on to the birth certificate before she's *too* aware of what I'm doing.

- Matt Hanlon, Cupertino, CA

The January T-shirt Freebie Winner #1

I live in New York City, and have lived here since fall 2001. I told my dad that I was coming here to break the curse (the real reason? Grad school...).

So I ask you - How many World Series have the Yankees won since I moved here? That's right - ZERO.

I've been to Sox games every year since I've been here at Yankee stadium. I've been ketchuped by a Yankee fan. I've had peanuts thrown at me at a bar by an old Yankee fan (picking fights with a 25 year old woman? That's class!). And, my boss is a season ticket holding yankee fan.

For 2004, I decided that enough was enough - I bought tickets to every sox/yanks game at the stadium. I saw our boys sweep and then get swept. I got rained on, sunned on, spit on. I was at Game 6 of the ALCS getting stuff thrown at my bright red hat after ARod decided to get slappy. I didn't take it off. I took my dad and my Wally on the monster as an early father's day gift. And, to top it off, I made it to Fenway 9 times this year, and they won ALL 9 games I attended, including the last home game of the year with Kevin Brown's stunning pitching performance. Ha. :)

So that was my hand in curse breaking. Anyway, I feel like I need the free T-shirt because I'm broke - attending 20 baseball games on a grad student budget is insane. And I'm doing it again this year.


- Pam Lombardi, New York, NY

The January T-shirt Freebie Winner #2

I live in Pittsburgh, a city that affectionately refers to itself as a "drinking town with a football problem". There is of course a perfectly lovely National League baseball team here, but the locals are not baseball fans as a rule. In spite of this, I managed to find and marry a Pennsylvania boy who not only loved the game but also was very willing to join the Red Sox Nation. I knew I had chosen well the first time he willingly drove the 588 miles each way to Fenway in a mere 48 hours. We'd spend the game on the phone with my father, a huge Red Sox fan, now retired and living in Arizona, so he could be with us vicariously.

Like all Red Sox fans I wanted this to be the year. And, like many foolish fans, I wanted it AFTER beating the Yankees. I actually rooted against the Twins, a fact that seemed incredibly idiotic on October 17, 2004. Don't we all remember how we felt the morning after Game 3 of the ALCS? I watched every painful minute of Game 3, even though it made me cry. The next morning, when my husband and I were in the car I started to cry again. I can still see him look at me and say with a completely sincere face, "Suzie, I don't think we should have children. I can not put another generation of your family through this." And, I agreed.

When we got home, I called my father, who assured me - this was the year. He told me that Derek Lowe would pitch like a man who was about to be a free agent, and that the Sox would never be swept at home. Encouraged by my father's words of wisdom I watched Game Four with hope. In spite of having to be at the hospital for my 6 am shift, I was wide awake when David Ortiz hit the home run the changed everything. We all know what happened after that. All of a sudden, the world was a different place. You may recall, after that, the Red Sox won the World Series.

But my story does not end here. Many weeks later, I developed the worst illness I'd had in years. I was sick for almost two weeks before it occurred to me to take a pregnancy test. (Yes, I'm a doctor, and No, I'm not usually this bad of a doctor.) The test was, of course - unbelievably, unexpectedly, positive. I had an ultrasound a few days later, and on December 15, 2004 I found out that I was exactly seven weeks pregnant. Seven weeks earlier, the Red Sox had won the World Series.

Apparently, my ovaries finally felt it was safe to bring a child into this world. My husband and I know that little Damon Orlando Ortiz Manny Varitek will never have to hear the chants of "1918". Clearly though, we remain a little concerned about that whole "first born child" promise we may or may not have made during the heat of the moment.

- Suzie Putnam, Pittsburgh, PA.

And the Nancy Kerrigan Award goes to...

The January T-shirt Freebie Winner #3

This was probably the worst move I ever made:

I am a former Red Sox employee (August 2002 to September 2004) who didn't believe that 2004 was the year. In fact, I moved out to California to live with my girlfriend in September. Unfortunatly when the Sox made it to the playoffs I was unable to fly back due to financial situations. Not only did I miss the chance to work at the playoff and World Series games, I also missed one of the greatest celebrations in the history of New England. WHY ME!?!?

- Aaron Daley, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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