I need this!
photo of red portable cushioned stadium seat with the number 21


I Want This!
photo of the inside on fenway park from the monster seats with the fisk pole in the foreground

You found The Red Seat! Congrats!

Hello, kids. This site still has some of our original designs on Landsdowne Street. Van Ness Street is where you can find some familiar stuff updated, and Jersey Street has the brand spanking newest designs. Be sure to join our mailing list! We will be announcing a bunch of new products as the season progresses, so be the first to know.

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We're blushing...

Dear The Red Seat,
I love The Red Seat.


These shirts are awesome! I saw a drunk dude wearing one in row 40 of the bleachers Monday and I had to have one.

really dig your funky, inventive, unique red sox graphics. very clever and creative.


Hello. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your products...they are absolutely brilliant. They are without a doubt the best t-shirt prints I've seen.


got our shirts today. rock on red seat!! we are big sox fans who moved to cali. the shirts are a great change from the "B and swoosh" shirts normally available to fans. as a marketing guy i'm very impressed by the very clever and original ideas! keep up the great work....we'll be back...cheers!