Our extended rebuilding year is over.

We put The Red Seat in hibernation mode for awhile there. Kinda like bears when they hibernate. They sleep a bunch, then get up to eat and respond to some emails, maybe text some pals back, then doze off a bit. And just like those bears in springtime, we're back! We've brought some classics back and added some new stuff. So, wander around a bit! We think you'll find something you'll like.

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We're blushing...

Dear The Red Seat,
I love The Red Seat.


These shirts are awesome! I saw a drunk dude wearing one in row 40 of the bleachers Monday and I had to have one.

really dig your funky, inventive, unique red sox graphics. very clever and creative.


Hello. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your products...they are absolutely brilliant. They are without a doubt the best t-shirt prints I've seen.


U neek

I get the most compliments when I wear my The Red Seat shirts to games. Seriously.