How about "Red Friday" instead. Can that be a thing??

How about "Red Friday" instead. Can that be a thing??

I guess we'll jump on the bandwagon here and add to the squillions of emails you've been getting today. Is this the best time to stand out from the crowd? Probably not, but guess what?? OUR NEW SITE IS LIVE! That's right kids, we are officially out of hibernation, we're back and we are celebrating with lots of new stuff and 10% off when you use the code RELAUNCH.

Just head on over to the site and wander around a bit. There's lots to look at and take in. Some stuff you know well, (everything on Landsdowne Street has free shipping!), some things you'll recognize and others that are brand new!! So, take your time, poke around and you'll be hearing from us again soon!!

Until then, Happy Red Friday, everyone!
Chris and Emily

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