It's Opening Day. Finally!

It's Opening Day. Finally!

That's right, folks. Today is the day. Lockout and weather be damned, it's happening. It's OPENING DAY. Finally. Aaaaaand it's in New York. We know how you feel about those pinstripes, so we've got you covered. It was gone for a few years there, but we brought it back, added some world series wins and slapped it on a sweatshirt, too cuz April is chilly, kids!

April is not only opening day, it's spring! Spring has new stuff, and so do we! To all you word sleuths out there, we bring you BORESTDSONOX! It's like Wordle but totally not.

There are still a couple 2022 Calendars left in stock, so grab one before they're gone! It's on sale now, too! You're welcome!

Oh. And also? EVERYTHING IS ON SALE! That's right! For today only, let's celebrate the start of the season with 15% off everything!!

GO SOX!!!!!
Chris and Emily

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