Jaylen Brown. Mr. MVP

Jaylen Brown. Mr. MVP
Let's talk about Jaylen Brown for a second. He's good at basketball. He just won the 2024 NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics. Also? He's the MVP. Oh and he got the largest contract in NBA history.
Hang on, let's back up. He finished at the top of his high school class before heading to UC Berkeley, where he took graduate level classes as a freshman, learned several languages, was on the varsity chess team. He's also learned piano and guitar, was offered an internship at NASA, became the youngest person to lecture at Harvard, and was an MIT Media lab fellow. He was considered "too smart" for the NBA draft and went on to become the youngest NBAPA vice president ever. AND he was teaching a Robotics class at MIT when the news of his contract broke. So... 
...instead of making like 10 different designs celebrating all of his accomplishments (and value?), we bring you Mr. MVP, Jaylen Brown. He's just better.

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