The Mind of a Sox Fan

The Mind of a Sox Fan
The 2024 season starts this week and if you're like us, you're feeling some feelings. Excitement? Hope? Fear? Trepidation? Doubt? Anticipation? You can decide for yourself, but there's no question, the mind of a Red Sox fan is, in a word: COMPLICATED. To celebrate that, ummm, complexity(?) we're bringing back another Red Seat classic:
The Boston Head Sox is back and updated for 2024! A lot has happened since we first released it and a lot has been added to the phrenological (is that a word?) design. IYKYK!
And if complexity isn't your thing - go with the direct approach of our new shirt "I enjoy Boston sports." Short and sweet, yet flexible! It's in The Bleachers, so it's only $20. Grab one or a bunch.

Happy Opening Week, everyone and use the code SOXOPENER for 15% off through the first homestand!

There's more coming soon, so stay tuned!

Until then, GO SOX!
Chris and Emily
The Red Seat

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