The reviews are in! Our new "Citgos" design is ūüĒ•!

The reviews are in! Our new "Citgos" design is ūüĒ•!

JK. No one has reviewed it yet cuz you're the first to see it! We do think it's pretty cool (hot?)‚Äč,‚Äč ‚Äčso¬†here it is‚Äč.¬†"Citgos", our ‚Äčlatest addition to¬†The Red Seat¬†‚Äčlineup.

Do you know someone who has a Ph.D. in abstract expressionism and pop art, and is also a ‚Äčsabermetrics¬†nerd? Do you have a pal who spends time wandering around MoMA when they are in NYC for Red Sox/Yankees games?? Well, today is your lucky day!¬†Citgos¬†honors Boston's 2nd most beloved landmark, while also sending some love to¬†Andy Warhol. You get it. It makes sense.

It's available now in Unisex, Women's and Youth sizes. It's also on a Hoodie AND you can get this on one of our newest additions to the roster, Artsy Fartsy archival wall art in 3 sizes! And, huge bonus: if the Red Sox suck this year, you can still wear and display these with pride! Win/Win.

OH. Also? Use the code ANDY at checkout for $5 off your order.

Tomorrow is opening day, kids! We will be there, so be sure to follow us on Instagram (and I guess Facebook, if you want). We'll be posting updates there!

Until then, GO SOX!!!
Chris and Emily

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