A soft opening, sort of?

A soft opening, sort of?

Well, it's not really official, but it kinda is, so sort of? The Red Seat version 2.0 is live! You can order stuff! There's still a lot that we want to do, a lot that we have planned and a lot of tweaks we will be making along the way, but our hibernation is over. Poke around, have a look, tell your friends and if you are so inclined, make some purchases!

You will find our brand new designs in Jersey Street, some of our refreshed original designs in Van Ness Street and Landsdowne Street has stock of the designs you all know by now. When those are gone, though, they are gone. So if you see something you have been wanting, snap it up! It won't be back.

Oh! The Red Seat Calendar is back! It's a pre-order at the moment, but it will ship in time for the holidays.

You'll be hearing from us again soon! It's good to be back!

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