Are you feeling lucky? ☘️

Are you feeling lucky? ☘️

If you've been keeping an eye on the off-season and spring training like we have, then the answer is probably no - you're not feeling super lucky.​ We, here at The Red Seat World H​Q, can fix this! And just in time for St. Paddy's Day, we brought back our Lucky Sox Shirt! It's got all the same greenness and shamrocky luckiness as last time, and it's also got the added bonus of being only $20!

The Lucky Sox Shirt 2024 is the inaugural tee in our new section, The Bleachers! Those of you who have been with us for a while, might remember that we also had a Bleachers section in our old site. There, you'll find no nonsense Beefy Tee style shirts. A bargain for everyone! And all ​The ​Bleachers! shirts ship for a flat fee of $3.50.​ Pretty great, right? 

But wait! There's more! To further celebrate St Paddy's Day and our new Bleachers section, we're also announcing our brand new "The Lucky C's Shirt"! That's right! A Celtics shirt!

This shirt works for St. Paddy's Day, but for all the other days, too! It's green! It's got a shamrock! And you can wear it whenever there's a basketball game, or also, just kinda whenever! GO CELTICS!!​ And maybe a pot of gold will show up too? ​Who ​knows?

In other news, just a quick reminder that our 2024 Calendar is on sale, but there are only a couple left. Grab yours today!
And if you have made it this far in the email, you are probably still invested enough to be paying attention to Red Sox spring training. It's still a hopeful time of year so all of our Fenway South items are 15% off, until opening day!

Chris and Emily
The Red Seat

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