Fenway...Builds Character

Fenway...Builds Character

So, it's Truck Day, kids. Are we happy about that? What about the addition of Theo? Is his presence going to turn things around? Are you boycotting Fenway and furious with Red Sox management or are you optimistic that there's still time to turn things around? It's definitely possible to experience both. Being a Red Sox fan is complicated and we've been here before. One could say, it builds character.

We didn't expect to be rolling into the 2024 season with such a bleak outlook, but here we are. Misery loves company and The Red Seat was built on that foundation 20 years ago. So, now seems like as good a time as any to bring back our original "Building Character"design to our Remastered collection. It's been refreshed and updated but it's still as appropriate as ever. It's available in Unisex and Women's sizes as well as both hoodie and crewneck sweatshirts. We've got you covered. Literally.

In other news, there are a few 2024 Calendars left and they are on sale! Grab them while you can. We've also put Fenway South on a hoodie and I Loathe Pinstripes on a crewneck sweatshirt. Choices are good and also, it's chilly!!

Anyway, hope springs eternal or whatever and...
Go Sox?
Chris and Emily
The Red Seat

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