Here's some new stuff!

Here's some new stuff!
I kinda almost don't want to talk about the Red Sox because it's sorta, unexpectedly fun right now? Don't want to jinx it, so... MOVING ON.
Occasionally, we do stuff with The Chesterfield Suite. We've done a couple collaborations with them that are Boston focused. "I Citgo Sign Fenway" is much more Red Sox adjacent! We heart Fenway and we heart the Red Sox. Here's a great way to show it!
The Chesterfield Suite will be at the Harvard Square Mayfair on Sunday, May 5th. They will have lots of great new stuff that celebrates the history of Harvard Square and the area. If you're local to Cambridge and Boston, go check it out! They will be selling the "I Citgo Sign Fenway" stickers and there will also be a handful of Red Seat shirts there, too. Stop by! Say hi! 

Chris and Emily
The Red Seat

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