Make any seat The Red Seat

Make any seat The Red Seat
Let's face it. Fenway​ Park ​i​sn't the most co​z​y. In those late innings, it can get pretty uncomfortable. And the seats aren't great either!​ HEY-O
While we can't help with those pesky losses, we CAN help with your bum! Introducing our version of The Red Seat! It's red, it's portable and it's squishy. Now you can take Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21​ anywhere you go, with our new Stadium Seat. Make any seat The Red Seat!
Don't forget, everything in our new Rivalry collection is 15% off through June!
Also, Dad's Day is coming up. If you are only just realizing this now, might be suggest some Smackers? Pops can get whatever he wants.
OK. You kids be good and GO CELTICS!

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