Today is our birthday!! Kinda.

Today is our birthday!! Kinda.

It’s not a particularly joyous moment in Red Sox history, but October 16, 2003 is extremely significant in The Red Seat’s history. 20 years ago, after Aaron F. Boone hit the home run we were…sad? Stunned? Surprised? In shock? Like most of you we were experiencing a weird tornado of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad feelings. How could that have happened? I think we were cowboy upping or something!? That was our year! Why did that happen?

The only reason we could come up with that made sense was that god hates us. It was the only logical explanation. Being the art nerds that we are and with the knowledge that misery loves company, we made shirts. The original “god hates us” was our very first design.

white t-shirt with a design of fenway park with a black cloud above

Since we are approaching the 20th Anniversary of the Red Sox’ epic 2004 season, it seems appropriate to do our own, simultaneous 20th Anniversary celebration, so we’ve created the “Remastered” collection. We will be re-releasing some original designs in the weeks and months to come and parking them there. There will be some fun and interesting updates and everything in “Remastered” is a Limited Edition and only available through 2024.

The first re-issue is, obviously, “god hates us”. Even though those feelings have subsided a bit since 2004, it's pretty easy to tumble back there from time to time. We get it. “god hates us: Remastered” is available in unisex and women t-shirts and a toasty hoodie.

In other news, we have made 2 unexpectedly generous donations to The Jimmy Fund in Tim Wakefield’s name, all because of you! That felt good, so let’s do more!
Until next time,
Chris and Emily
The Red Seat

P.S. Oh, and also? From now through Friday, all orders will automagically get 20% off! It's our Birthday Present to you! 

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