Sooooooo... Anyway...

There was some good stuff this season? Right? I think? Umm... let's see. The Yankees were also terrible! There's that. Uuhhh... what else... They were fun for half the season, Casas broke out, and the farm system is better? We heard that somewhere. But basically it was just

This season isn't technically over yet but can we talk about 2024, please? It's the 20th Anniversary of 2004!!?! You know, the one that broke the Curse of the Bambino?!? Well, fun fact - it's our 20th Anniversary, too! That's right kids, The Red Seat was birthed (ewww) 20 years ago and started selling stuff in the spring of that magical season.

We've got some fun stuff in the works, so stay tuned!

Announcements will flow pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Whatever that means...Until then, how about some unrealistic free agent expectations and a new GM? And don't forget to get your kids' Halloween candy early so you can feed your feelings...

Chris and Emily
The Red Seat

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